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Open a small screw journey of life!
You are using in the process of the screw,Whether encountered such a problem?
Screw tooth、Not tight!
Play flower head tank,Dozen don't come in!
Poor plating,Easy to rust!
In addition to hydrogen is bad,Easy to brittle fracture!
Hardness is unqualified,Easy to break!
Head beryllium front,Affect the appearance!
Tooth type is not full,Tapping is slow!
Mixed nail,Bad material,Plug slot,Automatic line feeding machine,Affect the production efficiency!
When you are choosing screw supplier,Whether he worried about this problem?
Specifications for the single,The speed is slow!
Delivery delays,Affect the progress!
The tolerance size is too big,Cannot be used!
Environmental protection is not standard,Product certification!
Plating quality is not stable,Affect the product performance!
Products have high defective rate,Automated assembly!
Choose tai peng screw4The big advantage
High quality、The cost is low、Production capacity is big、Delivery fast、Strong research and development、The service is good
Dongguan tai peng hardware products co., LTD
Years of experience in screw industry
The company has been focused on the production of various kinds of non-standard special screws,Tapping screw、Electronic screws、The handbag screw、Nut gasket、Metal bolt、Miscellaneous pieces of hardware、The size of the spring、All kinds of skin lead the bolt、Industry include、Nails and other hardware accessories products。With its management idea and mode of production in dongguan screw manufacturer in China plays an important role。
A full set of equipment,Guarantee product quality
We have professional production equipment,Such as screw machine、Riveting machine、Much work a forging machine、Thread rolling machine、Automatic lathe、Spring machine, etc,And precision testing instrument:Salt spray machine、A microscope、A projector、Vickers hardness tester、Rockwell hardness tester, auxiliary equipment,A variety of materials able to produce qualified hardware screw products。
Products throughISO9001-2016Quality certification
Many years of professional services,Quality assurance,Products have passed smoothlyISO9001Certification。The company relies on continuous technological innovation and quality advantages,In the market has won the wide recognition and praise customers!Products are widely used in computer、Bags、And home appliances、Machinery、Wei yu、Socket、Communications equipment、Auto parts、Toys and other industries。
Professional customer service team,Perfect service system
Group has a large technical support team and engineers,To provide customers with professional solutions。Professional after-sales customer service,7*24Hours online consulting services,To help you to solve practical problems!
About tai peng
Dongguan tai peng hardware products co., LTD
Was founded2014Years located in dongguan city, guangdong province shatian large mud industrial park is a collection of development、Production、Sales、Engineering and service in a body、An industrial fasteners manufacturing business、Machinery parts mainly specialized integrated enterprise,The company has advanced production equipment imported from Taiwan、Precision inspection instrument,There are strict quality management,The advanced production management system,Steadfast and new science and technology talents,And own20Years of professional production experience,And throughISO9001Management system certification。
  Tai peng hardware products co., LTD is a industrial components supplier,Provide customers with high quality,High technical content and low price of industrial products,At the same time, through close cooperation with the customers,Create a mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit、Enhance its overall value alliance partnership of cooperation。We are rely on the efforts and action to fulfill the commitment to quality,With engineering technology、Quality assurance、Effective supply chain management systems and information technology to enhance product value...

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